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St Andrew’s Click Send
Whether you have encountered the life at St Andrew’s through baptisms, weddings, other events, or you are just interested, many people like to keep in contact with St Andrews in amongst a busy life. To help this we have St Andrew’s Click Send.

St Andrew’s Click Send is a short weekly musing from St Andrew’s Parish, along with a contemporary prayer and any upcoming events that may interest you. This can be emailed, MMS or both. If you would like to join, please contact the Parish Office.



Pentecost 5 (5 July 2020)

Pentecost 6 (12 July 2020)

Pentecost 7 (19 July 2020)

Pentecost 8 (26 July 2020)

Pentecost 9 (2 August 2020)

Pentecost 10 (9 August 2020)

Pentecost 11 (16 August 2020)

Pentecost 12 (23 August 2020)

Pentecost 13 (30 August 2020)

Pentecost 14 (6 September 2020)

Pentecost 15 (13 September 2020)

Pentecost 16 (20 September 2020)

Pentecost 17 (27 September 2020)

Pentecost 18 (4 October 2020)

Pentecost 19 (11 October 2020)

Saint Luke (18 October 2020)



“God our Father, you have made us members of Christ and of his church in this parish. May our worship be the offering of our hearts and live to you. Help us to reach out in welcome to newcomers and visitors, to encourage and care for each other in friendship and fellowship, and to grow in grace and in love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”



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