We Welcome Families to Our Community

Worshipping together is central to our Christian community and a variety of services, from traditional to modern, are available at St Andrew’s. We highly value the spiritual formation of the whole community and St Andrew’s provides many opportunities to learn about God, Jesus, the Bible and the Christian Church. St Andrew’s provides an avenue for children, youth and families to meet and build friendships in a social environment while growing in understanding of the Christian message.

Children’s ministry occurs regularly in the 9.30am Sunday Service during school terms. The parish has also offered special services of “Messy Christmas” and “Messy Easter”, giving an opportunity for children and families to celebrate these two special events in the Christian Calendar in a fun way.  The children join with others in craft activities such as making figures and symbols of the season. A helper is placed at every table to lend a hand. After this activity people gather in the church for an informal time of storytelling, song and worship which is followed by fine finger food served in the courtyard or Parish Centre. Please contact the Parish Office for any further information.

Family picnic