Worship at St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew's church service

We hope you will join us for worship at St Andrew’s and if you have never been before, we understand that you may be a little nervous when you come for the first time. We are a friendly community and we hope you will feel welcome.

Here are a few suggestions for when you come along for the first time:

  • Aim to come a little early (say 10 minutes before the service starts)
  • Please introduce yourself to our people at the door who will assist you with what you will need

Preaching Topics

  • April  7 – Thomas’ exclamation about Christ
  • April 14 – Jesus’ evidence for the resurrection
  • April 21 – Good Shepherd Sunday
  • April 28 – Megan Schwarz from Anglican Board of Mission
  • May 5 – Jesus’ Commandment
  • May 12 – Jesus’ prayer
  • May 19 – Jesus’ Counsellor
  • May 26 – Jesus and Nicodemus

Which service should I attend?

This is entirely up to you. We offer 2 types of services on Sundays. All services have readings from the Bible and meaningful sermons to encourage us in our understanding of God and his abundant life. All services have Holy Communion, after the manner of the early church which broke bread together on the Lord’s day (Sunday) just as Jesus told them to. We share bread and wine, blessed by God for our spiritual nourishment, as a sign of our communion with one another and with God.

The 8am service has a minimum of music and is quiet and reflective throughout.

The 9.30am service has singing, accompanied by the organ. It is a traditional communion service in modern English. This is the most common form of worship throughout the Anglican Communion. A children’s ministry is generally offered during the service for children to attend, except during the school holidays.

Prayer Books and Hymn Books – what are they?

You will also receive our pew sheet, which is our weekly newsletter and contains information about the service for that day.